The Breakdown

Two styles to choose from

Multi-layered animations

A multi-layered animation will have just that, multiple layers. Meaning, there will be an animated background with some depth. A scene will be painted. The graphics, transitions and text will be overly animated and flow with the whole story of the video.

Single-layered animations

 A single-layered animation will be more text and graphic based. Imaginative animations of text, transitions and icons will carry the theme along. 


Types of Videos


Explainer Video

Imaginative story-telling from start to finish. Promote a specific aspect of your business. Give some information about how it works—call to action, and contact info. These videos can be anywhere from 20-50 seconds. 

Call-to-action Scene

Eye-catching and engaging. An animated sequence will occur, followed by your animated logo—call to action, and contact info. These videos are usually between 10-20 seconds.

Photo Enhancements

 Supply us with photo or video clips. We will add an element of animation, or animate some text. It could be the company logo, or a call to action. Turn boring social media posts into eye-catching videos.

Animated Loops

Spice up your brand. Fun characters, animated backgrounds, boarders, or logos