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Project Details:

We used 2D animation to create six videos and eight .gifs.


Bearon Aquatics injected animation throughout their brand. Helping describe products in ways never imagined before. Using easy-to-follow and straightforward videos gave life to their website with animated character gifs to their most recent Amazon Commerical.

The long-term relationship with Bearon Aquatics started very innocently. First, animating their company mascot as an intro clip for their How-to web series.

Not until they saw severe problems did animation change their company forever. They needed something that showed how their underwater units worked. “Photos and videos don’t work because you can’t see what's going on.”

After studying the issue, the solution was to create a series of animated diagrams. Think about those old high school textbook diagrams. The only difference is these move!

Within months, Bearon put the diagrams all over their website and marketing. A simple-to-understand video plays right alongside the description on a loop when the customer reads about the product.

This time they needed a 60-second commercial for their main product on Amazon.

The work began after a discovery call to establish the project guidelines. The video showed the horrible consequences of not using the product. This animation sits on their amazon listing, waiting to clear up confusion.

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