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Project Details:

We used 2D animation to create one explainer video with a character.


Mike Howlett uses his animated video to explain the services of his firm, The Plug Insurance, to potential clients. He follows up with fresh connections by emailing them the video. Also, he reminds current clients to take full advantage of all his offerings.

The Plug Insurance needed a fun, easy-to-understand story that walks the audience through the customer journey.

Mike Howlett’s branding came through quickly when he mentioned “that scene in Bruce Almighty where Jim Carry opens the filing cabinet that extends a godly amount.” Insurance isn’t sexy, but Mike is a fun guy and wants that to come across in his marketing.

With that in mind, the animated Mike Howlett character was born! Walking through your office putting out fires and removing your insurance burden! We should have given him a cape. (Next video)

When someone watches Mike’s video, they understand his personality and clearly visualize what it’s like to work with him—shortening his sales cycle by vetting the tire-kickers.

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