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Boosting Zenco's Trade Shows with an Animated Explainer Video


Zenco, cashless payment software


Animated Explainer Video

Video Captions

Results and Impact

Zenco uses the explainer video as a critical part of its trade show displays.

Zenco's animated explainer video playing at a trade show
Zenco's animated explainer video at MJBizCon 2022.

The Problem

Zenco needed to replace its outdated explainer video.

Production Process

We outlined the video to show the whole retail experience of a customer making a purchase and interacting with the app. Zenco provided stills of the app that we turned into vector graphics. The original video started in close-ups; for the second version, we pulled the camera back to show the character’s facial expressions in wide shots. Even if someone only saw the first 10 seconds, they would know how Zenco works.

The 3D characters are rigged using Blender’s Meta-rigs. The phone screen is a 2D animation of the app made in After Effects on a 3D phone model animated in Blender. The final audio mix was done in Fairlight, and we used sound effects to emphasize moments like delivery and online checkout.

3D animated characters rigged in Blender
The 3D characters are rigged in Blender.

Animation Style

The video uses a mix of 3D animation and 2D vector animation, which was done in Blender and After Effects. The characters have a 3D cartoon style. The second scene features 3D icons designed with a 2D vector art look to keep the animation consistent.


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