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Alpine IQ's Engaging Product Demos


Alpine IQ, marketing, loyalty, analytics, and data ops for regulated markets


Website Animations

Alpine IQ software demo animation
Alpine features software animations across its website.

Results and Impact

Alpine IQ has seamlessly integrated software animations into its website, providing an effortless way to showcase the functionality of its products. These clips also serve as valuable marketing assets across social media platforms.

The Problem

During a major website and platform update, Alpine IQ recognized the need for software demos to be prominently displayed at the top of each page.

Production Process

Alpine IQ collaborated with our team, providing Figma boards featuring the main design elements and a detailed description of their desired outcomes. We converted the boards to SVG files and brought them into After Effects for animation. We created 17 website animations in total that range between ten to thirty seconds in length.

Animation Style

The animation is meant to feel like watching a screen recording. However, the things that are shown on screen are more focused and alive than they could be if it were a normal recording of someone using the software.

"Purely Imagined has done an exceptional job in enhancing the visual appeal of our website through in-depth animations that effectively communicate our message. The animations have created an elevated user experience and helped us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Purely Imagine’s attention to detail and creativity has exceeded our expectations and we appreciate the professionalism of the Purely Imagined team."- The Alpine IQ Team


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