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Ascend Wellness Holdings's 3D Product Renders

various 3d product renders


Ascend Wellness Holdings, a vertically integrated multistate cannabis operator


9 Product Stills

1 3D animated video

Results and Impact

AWH uses the stills as menu images for its Ascend dispensaries. It's also used its animated video on social media and in dispensaries to market the Simply Herb line of vapes.

Website menu with different 3d renders of products

The Problem

AWH was rebranding some of its products and wanted to start marketing, but the packaging didn't exist at the time.

Production Process

AWH sent us examples of the packing they were likely to use, along with dimensions, labels, and brand guides. With all that info, our team got to work modeling each of the products. Getting the textures right was critical to making the renders feel indistinguishable from traditional photos.

After delivering the Ozone branded products, we reused the vaporizer model, with a few adjustments, to create a product launch video for AWH's Simply Herb vapes. The video was rendered in multiple versions due to different laws around marketing in various states.

Animation Style

The Simply Herb video is 3D animation. We created fluid simulations to hit the cartridges with fruit juice at different angles. The camera zooms in, with each flavor having its own moment. This was done so that AWH could split the video up later when marketing individual flavors. We delivered the video in both 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios. The dispensary displays use the traditional 16:9, while the 9:16 was framed for social media.

To see the Ozone brand 3D renders, click through the gallery below.

Check out the Simply Herb product promo below.


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