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Enduramark LineGuard Explained with 3D Animation


Enduramark, a pavement marking and line striping company


Animated Explainer Video

3D renders

Explainer Video and stills from the enduramark video
Video and stills used on the Enduramark website.

Results and Impact

Enduramark uses the video, stills from the video and 3D renders to demo the product.

The Problem

Enduramark needed a better way than the stills and live-action video it had to explain its patented process.

Production Process

We worked with Pavement Surface Coatings to outline the video and created rough sketches of each scene. Next, we used video and photos of Enduramark in action as the basis for 3D models for the storyboard and animation. We created different animated 3D renderings, such as a snow plow going over the pavement marking and not affecting the paint. Another scene shows the truck applying the paint and runner from several angles.

3D render of a snow plow.
All scenes are 3D renders.

We used Blender for the 3D animation, and the 2D animation was done in After Effects. We used foley to emphasize the process, including truck engines, paint spraying, and flowing water sound effects.

Animation Style

The video uses realistic 3D animation and animated titles.


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