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Crafting Formula 787's Animated Trade Show Video


Formula 787, white label manufacturer of health & wellness products


Trade Show Video

Results and Impact

Formula 787 used the video as a central part of their booth at the White Label Expo.

Animated Explainer Video playing at a trade show
Formula 787's video playing at The White Label Expo

The Problem

Formula 787 needed an effective way to catch people’s eye at the Manhattan White Label Expo.

Production Process

We outlined the main ingredients and products Formula 787 wanted to focus on. From there, we designed the storyboard. All the 3D design and animation were done in Blender. The products are all custom 3D models, and the CBD and THC molecules are also custom. The other ingredients are stock assets. The final edit and audio mix were done with DaVinci Resolve and Fairlight.

3D models of ingredients
The products are 3D models.

Animation Style

The video uses a mix of 3D animation and 2D vector animation. The logo was animated with After Effects. The 3D models are designed to look realistic, and Blender’s particle system was used to make the twister of ingredients.


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