Formula 787 Expo Video

Project Details:

We used 3D animation to visualize Formula 787's white labeling services.

The Story:

Formula 787 needed a creative way to stand out at the White Label Expo.

3D SKU animation
3D models of the most popular SKUs.

They spoke with David Pascaru about an Expo Video for their booth. Expo Videos effectively showcase your brand and product at trade shows, workshops, and seminars. The challenge was getting all the information across without the aid of narration.

The animated company logo.
The animated company logo.

The team got to work immediately, with Allan Weck leading the design and animation process. We created 3D models of Formula 787's most popular SKUs and ingredients. The viewer follows a twister of fruits, vitamins, and minerals as they mix into the packaged products, ready to ship off. The logo animation was made to match the twister of elements.

Highlighting the endless options.
Highlighting the endless options.

The video highlights Formula 787's vast array of ingredients, limitless options for the formulation process, and the large scale they can produce.

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