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Unleashing Terpli with 2D and 3D Animation


Terpli, an AI-driven recommender for e-commerce websites


Animated Explainer Video

Video Captions

Social Media Clips

Results and Impact

Terpli uses the animated explainer video as an effective part of its sales strategy.

The Problem

Terpli needed a way to explain to business owners how patrons would benefit from the software.

GIF of storyboard sketches from an explainer video
Rough sketches from the storyboard.

Production Process

We went through a few iterations of the script with the Terpli team until we had the right structure. From there, the storyboard was sketched out and designed. We used a combination of Blender and After Effects to animate each scene. The final audio mix with music and sound effects was done in Fairlight. To maximize the content, we also split the video up into shareable social media clips.

Animation Style

The video uses a mix of realistic 3D animation, 2D vector animation, and character animation. The opening features custom-designed 3D models.

"It's not easy to find creative, dedicated, or professional in the cannabis industry - with Purely Imagined you get all three. We (Terpli) created a new service offering for cannabis retailers and needed a short and sweet video to educate the market about our product. David and Allan were not only wonderful to work with, but passionate about the process and committed to our success. They went above and beyond, and their video has become a staple in our sales and fundraising efforts. Could not recommend their services more!"- Peter Kasper, CEO, Terpli


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