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Verdi's Animated LinkNYC Campaign


Verdi, a cannabis dispensary serving New York City


Animated Ads

Character Animation

Results and Impact

Verdi’s ads played across New York City on LinkNYC displays for over 2 months.

The Problem

Verdi wanted to use their brand characters on an upcoming LinkNYC billboard marketing campaign.

Production Process

We worked with Verdi and illustrator Emily Doherty to create five animated scenes, building brand awareness using the characters Emily designed. Verdi had a list of ideas we were able to narrow down to five. Emily provided rough sketches for each scene and then created all of the necessary animation assets in vector format. Then, our team added the motion! The animations had to be timed to fit everything, including the call to action, in exactly 30 seconds. We came up with transition ideas for people to follow something from the scene, leading them to the CTA screen.

Animation Style

The videos feature 2D character animation. We manipulated the frame rate to give the videos more of an old-school, hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation feel. The final frame rate was 30fps, but it was made to look about half that. The aspect ratio was also unique, at 9:16 instead of the typical 16:9.

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Allan and David, who truly exceeded my expectations. Their kindness and responsiveness were evident from the start, making the entire collaboration process seamless and enjoyable. What impressed me the most was their unparalleled turnaround time. I've worked with many creative teams during my career, but none have delivered such high-quality work so quickly. Their efficiency, combined with their creative talent, makes them a standout choice for any animation project. I highly recommend Purely Imagined for any and all animation work and look forward to future collaborations." Ashley Arndt, Marketing, Verdi

To watch the videos, click through the playlist below.


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