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Crafting Software Product Demos for Rank Really High's Website


Rank Really High, eCommerce websites and menus for Cannabis dispensaries


gif of rank really high software product demo animation
One of Rank Really High's product demos featured on their website.

Results and Impact

Rank Really High's product demos offer a straightforward and engaging presentation of their services. Anyone visiting the website immediately understands how RRH can improve their digital presence.

The Problem

Rank Really High recognized the value of using video on their website to help customers understand the benefits of their services. They needed something quick, engaging, and free from technical jargon that could confuse potential customers.

Production Process

Rank Really High collaborated with our animation team, providing Adobe Illustrator artboards of the main frames. We then animated the boards in After Effects. The deliverables came in multiple formats to ensure smooth playback across all mobile and desktop browsers. We created 6 animations in total that range between ten to thirty seconds.

Animation Style

The style is 2D vector animation. Rather than a long, boaring screen recording, these focused videos feature transformations and items popping in and out. The mouse guides the viewer's eyes to the main actions.

The animations cover what website users see, as well as what retailers can do on the back end.


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