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Why Software Companies Need Animated Explainer Videos: The Magic of Vector Animation


Software companies constantly seek innovative strategies to distinguish their products in the fiercely competitive digital landscape. A particularly effective method gaining prominence is the utilization of animated explainer videos. These videos make intricate concepts more understandable and engaging when combined with animated wireframes.

A vector animation of app UI elements such as review and scan
Vector animation of UI elements

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

Visual content is a powerful tool in marketing. However, not all visual content is created equal. Animated explainer videos have a unique edge. They distill complex software functionalities into an engaging narrative, making it easier for potential customers to grasp the product's purpose and benefits.

These videos can be tailored to fit a company's brand identity, target audience, and specific product features. With the correct storyline, character design, and animation style, they can evoke emotions, narrate compelling stories, and inspire action.

The Power of Software Demos

Software demos are indispensable in the customer decision-making process, offering a practical product experience. However, traditional software demos can be technical, complex, and less engaging.

Here's where explainer videos step in. They elevate demos by transforming them into engaging narratives. Instead of just highlighting the product features, explainer videos can guide the viewer through a problem-solving journey. They can demonstrate how a product can resolve a customer's problem, its ease of use, and unique benefits, typically within sixty seconds.

The Magic of Vector Wireframe Animation

Many software companies already employ wireframe prototyping in their design phase, using tools such as Figma or Illustrator to map out their software or apps. This makes wireframe animation advantageous, as it capitalizes on pre-existing design assets, converting them into a dynamic animated presentation.

The animation adds depth to the flat, static wireframes, creating a sense of interactivity that engages the viewer. It enables the demonstration of software functionalities in a way that feels intuitive and interactive, enhancing the viewer's connection with the product. Check out the Alpine IQ case study to see it in action!

Benefits of Explainer Videos for Software Companies

Explainer videos offer software companies numerous benefits:

Improved Understanding:

By simplifying complex concepts, these videos make it easier for potential customers to grasp the product's value.

Increased Engagement:

By transforming software demos into engaging stories, you can hold your audience's attention longer.

Enhanced Brand Identity:

The videos can be customized to reflect a company's brand identity. The choice of colors, characters, animation style, and narrative can all be tailored to create a consistent brand experience.

Higher Conversion Rates:

Explainer videos can convince potential customers of the product's value, encouraging them to take the next step, whether it's signing up for a free trial, requesting a demo, or making a purchase.

Increased Viewer Retention:

Software companies must maintain audience engagement throughout the entire product demonstration. Explainer videos and animated demos address this problem effectively.


Animated explainer videos and software demos offer a potent tool for software companies to engage potential customers, simplify complex functionalities, and boost conversion rates.

With a well-orchestrated video, companies can effectively communicate their value proposition in an engaging and easily understood manner. As the digital landscape evolves, software companies must stay ahead of the curve by integrating such innovative tools into their marketing mix. This ensures they remain competitive, relevant, and successful in their respective markets.

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