82 River North

Project Details:

A combination of interviews, drone footage, archival video, and 3D motion graphics created a 15-minute company overview, including 30+ pieces for social media to inform investors about 82 River North, a bitcoin mining facility owned and operated by Sangha Systems.

The Story:

The Sangha Systems team in a meeting.
The Sangha Systems team in a meeting.

Founders Spencer Marr and Mihir Bhangley needed a creative way to show investors what Sangha Systems had been quietly working on at their 850-acre site in Hennepin, Illinois. They needed a storyteller.

Bitcoin and the amount of power it takes to mine are a hot topic of debate. Sangha Systems flips the industry on its head with a sustainable mining structure. 82 River North, a former steel mill turned mining facility, is just the beginning of their story.

Historical steel mill footage
Historical footage of the steel mill helps tell the story.

Producers David Pascaru and Allan Weck spent three days in Hennepin documenting. Bob Passini, an employee dating back to the steel mill's early days, tells the story of ownership changes and layoffs, then the mill's eventual closing. Kevin Coleman, Hennepin's Mayor, speaks of the closure's effect on the surrounding communities. Viewers join Spencer and Vince on a tour of the 80MW substation, an opportunity to see how they're repurposing old technology and keeping it running for their use today.

Bitcoin animation
The mining process is explained with animation.

The project highlights the site's rich history using archival documentary footage from the 50s, video of the original steel mill's demolition, and clips from Sangha's early bootstrapping days. Overlayed animation on drone video demonstrates the inner workings of their substation. All this shows the world how Sangha is different—breaking down the mining process with a top-notch animated explainer video and voice-over.

CGI solar panels
CGI solar panels were added in to show the potential of the property.

The most challenging part of the project was to visualize "The future" Spencer describes their vision for the site. "One day, this place could look like The Jetsons." Drone footage of vast empty property was digitally enhanced with CGI, adding solar panels, ponds, and buildings. Investors have a clear snapshot of the Sangha way past, present, and future.

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