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Documenting Sangha Systems' Story and Bitcoin Mining Project


Sangha Systems, energy infrastructure developer


Company Overview Video

Social Media Clips

Video Captions

Sangha Systems using social media clips on Instagram
Sangha Systems used the clips on social media.

Results and Impact

Sangha Systems featured the video at The Bitcoin Conference and on their website. They have also used the clips on social media.

The Problem

Sangha Systems needed a video to overview the company's history and Bitcoin Mining project in Hennepin.

Production Process

We had a few virtual meetings with Sangha Systems to determine the goals for the project and the topics we would cover. We used that to create an outline for the video, then flew out to Hennepin, Illinois, for 3 days to document the ongoing mining operations and infrastructure development. We used two Black Magic 6k Pocket Cinema Cameras and a Red Scarlet for the filming. After a few months of editing, the main documentary was complete. Then we broke it down into shorter sections for marketing and social media.

3D solar panels camera tracked in Blender
3D solar panels were added in post-production.

Animation Style

We used Blender to composite 3D models over drone shots throughout the video. When Spencer talks about the future, spaceships fly across the site. We used After Effects to create the 2D animation overlaid on the video.


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