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Sangha Systems - 82 River North

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Spencer and Mihir needed a creative way to show investors what Sangha Systems had been quietly working on at their 850-acre site in Hennepin, Illinois. They are taking Bitcoin mining into a more sustainable future.

The Sangha Systems team in a meeting.
The Sangha Systems team in a meeting.

The Story

We spent three days in Hennepin documenting Sangha's operations.

The project highlights the site's rich history using archival footage from the 50s, video of the original steel mill's demolition, and clips from Sangha's early bootstrapping days. Overlayed animation on drone video demonstrates the inner workings of the substation.

Spencer describes their vision for the site. "One day, this place could look like The Jetsons." Drone footage of vast empty property was digitally enhanced with CGI, adding solar panels, ponds, and buildings.

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