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Everything You Need To Know About SaaS Video Marketing (Explainer Videos, Software Demos, Interactive Content)

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You've just rolled out a new feature on your SaaS platform, and the initial feedback is buzzing with positivity. It’s moments like these that make all the hard work worth it. But as you bask in this success, a question lingers—how can you harness this momentum and ensure that every potential customer understands just how transformative your software can be?

Think about it: When was the last time you truly knew which features were driving conversions or how your users interacted with your platform before becoming paying customers? If these questions feel daunting, you're not alone. Many SaaS companies struggle to convey the depth and utility of their platforms effectively.

You deserve to have your innovative features recognized and understood, not just by a few but by your entire target audience. That’s where the magic of animated video marketing comes into play. This guide isn’t just another overview of best practices; it's your path to making your platform's benefits vividly clear and engaging through explainer videos, software demos, and interactive content.

By the end of this journey, you’ll be equipped not only to showcase your SaaS product effectively but to do so in a way that’s as dynamic and forward-thinking as the technology you’ve developed. Let’s create a narrative that captures the essence of your software, making every viewer feel like they can’t go another day without it.

What is a Saas explainer video?

A SaaS explainer video is a concise, dynamic visual tool designed to showcase the benefits and functionalities of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. We craft these videos using 2D or 3D animation techniques, engaging narration, compelling audio, and vibrant visuals that tell a captivating story about the software. The primary aim is to unravel the value the software platform offers to potential users, making complex information easily digestible.

Typically, a SaaS explainer video might incorporate animated sequences directly from platform designs, such as those created in Figma, to provide a clear, attractive display of the software's interface and features. Alternatively, it may visually represent the user experience, highlighting how different types of users can interact with and benefit from the platform. Through a mix of storytelling and animation, these videos serve as an effective marketing tool, helping SaaS companies enhance their sales demos, boost their video advertising efforts, and improve overall user understanding of their software solutions.

What is a SaaS product demo?

A SaaS product demo, typically 15 to 30 seconds long, is designed to showcase a specific component or feature of a software platform. Unlike broader explainer videos that may cover a wide range of functionalities and benefits, a product demo zooms in on demonstrating exactly how a particular element or integration of the platform works in real time. This focus helps users quickly grasp the practical application and utility of the feature.

The key advantage of a SaaS product demo is that it provides users with an easy, immediate understanding of the product's operation without overwhelming them with too much information at once. While these demos don't need to be an exact replica of the software in action, they must accurately depict how it functions in a typical user scenario. By doing so, the demo ensures that potential customers get a clear, realistic sense of how they would interact with the software in their daily operations. This targeted approach aids in building confidence in the product, as users can witness the effectiveness and simplicity of its features. Software product demos can also be embedded onto landing pages with transparent backgrounds. Transparent videos are more engaging than traditional infographics.

What are the benefits of using videos to market my software brand?

Videos are instrumental in enhancing a SaaS marketing strategy, serving multiple functions from launching platforms to fostering brand loyalty. These videos leverage visual storytelling to simplify complex ideas, making them essential for engaging and educating potential customers. Here’s a breakdown of their pivotal roles:

Launching Platforms

At the inception of a SaaS platform, explainer videos play a crucial role in introducing the product to the market. They provide a quick and engaging way to showcase the platform's features and benefits, helping to attract early adopters and generate buzz around the launch. This initial exposure is vital for setting the foundation of the platform's user base, especially for new concepts the general public might need to be better educated on.

Enhancing Marketing ROI

Explainer videos are known for effectively converting prospects into customers, thereby delivering a more substantial marketing ROI. They condense critical information into digestible, engaging content, making it easier for viewers to understand the value proposition and take action, whether signing up for a trial or purchasing.

Raising Brand Awareness

Explainer videos elevate brand awareness by narrating the brand's story and memorably showcasing its identity. Through creative and engaging content, explainer videos can leave a lasting impression on viewers, increasing the likelihood of them remembering and recognizing the brand in the future.

Retaining Users with Better Education

Product demos and educational explainer videos significantly boost user retention. By clearly explaining how to use the platform and maximize its features, these videos help users see the full value of the product, which can reduce churn rates and foster long-term loyalty.

Building Trust

Trust is a critical component of any SaaS business, and videos help to build this trust by transparently showcasing the platform's features, benefits, and value. When potential customers can visually see how a platform works and understand its effectiveness, their confidence in the product and the company increases.

Versatility for B2B or B2C Platforms

Whether targeting businesses or individual consumers, explainer videos are adaptable and effective across both B2B and B2C sectors. They can be customized to address the specific concerns and interests of each audience, making them a versatile tool in any SaaS marketing strategy.

How do Saas explainer videos improve the user experience?

SaaS explainer videos significantly enhance the user experience by making complex workflows and processes easy to understand. In software, where things can be intricate and overwhelming, short explainer videos distill the information into clear, manageable pieces. By visually demonstrating how to navigate the platform and utilize its features, explainer videos demystify the user interface and workflows, enabling users to grasp the software's capabilities without a steep learning curve. This empowers users to leverage the platform to its fullest potential, enriching their overall experience.

Explainer videos facilitate a smoother onboarding process for new users. First impressions are crucial in user adoption, and a welcoming onboarding experience can impact a user's decision to continue using the platform. Through engaging and informative videos, newcomers are guided step-by-step through the setup process, reducing frustrations and barriers to entry. Explainer videos serve as an ongoing resource for existing customers to discover advanced features or updates, ensuring they continually derive value from the platform. This proactive approach to education helps maintain high engagement levels, fosters a sense of competency among users, and encourages a deeper investment in the software, all of which contribute to a superior user experience.

What are some best practices for creating a Saas explainer video?

Creating a compelling SaaS explainer video that resonates with viewers and effectively communicates the platform's value involves adhering to several best practices. First and foremost, keeping the video short, ideally around one minute, is crucial. A short video ensures the core message is conveyed before viewers lose interest. This duration is optimal for maintaining engagement while providing enough time to introduce the platform, highlight its features, and showcase its benefits.

Professional narration is another critical element. A clear, confident voice that aligns with the brand's tone can significantly enhance the video's impact. The narrator's ability to convey enthusiasm and understanding of the product adds credibility and can make the explanation more relatable to the audience. The choice of voice should consider the target audience's preferences to ensure it resonates well with them.

Understanding and considering your audience is essential in crafting an explainer video. We’ll tailor content, tone, and visuals to meet your target demographic's specific needs and interests. Knowing the audience's pain points and how the platform addresses them guides the narrative, ensuring the video is relevant and engaging.

Software explainer videos should clearly articulate how the platform will benefit users. Viewers are primarily interested in understanding what the software can do for them or how it solves a particular problem they face. Highlighting key benefits, rather than just features, connects the platform's capabilities directly to the viewer's needs, making the proposition more appealing. This approach drives them towards the next step, whether signing up for a trial or requesting more information.

Incorporating a strong call to action (CTA) is critical in creating an effective SaaS explainer video. The CTA serves as a direct invitation for viewers to take the next step, whether it’s signing up for a free trial, scheduling a demo, or simply learning more about the platform. A compelling CTA is clear, concise, and aligned with the video's main message, ensuring that viewers are left with no doubt about what action they should take next.

When should I use an explainer video vs a product demo?

Deciding when to use an explainer video versus a product demo hinges on the specific goals and context of your marketing and communication strategy. Explainer videos are most effective for awareness campaigns, landing pages, and trade shows, where the objective is to introduce potential customers to your SaaS platform and brand. We design these videos to capture interest and convey the overall value and capabilities of the software in a compelling, easily digestible format. Their broad scope makes them ideal for engaging new audiences, providing a comprehensive overview of what the software is and why it matters, and they are beneficial in environments where you're competing for attention, like trade shows.

On the other hand, we recommend using product demos in scenarios where more focused information is beneficial. This includes product launches, training documents, and website headings, where the demo can serve as a dynamic replacement for static graphics. Product demos are particularly valuable in helping existing or potential customers understand specific features or updates of the software. They provide a quick, clear view of how certain elements of the platform work, making them excellent tools for supporting new product introductions or detailed explanations within training materials. Their use in website headers can also instantly engage visitors, offering them a practical insight into the product's functionality right from the start.

How do I make my marketing videos interactive?

Making your marketing videos interactive is a powerful way to engage and immerse your audience, enhance the user experience, and increase the effectiveness of your content. Integrating an animation platform like Rive into your video production process and website is one approach to achieving this interactivity. Rive enables the creation of sophisticated, responsive animations that can react to user interactions in real-time. This technology allows you to craft interactive storytelling elements within your videos, where viewers can influence or change the narrative flow based on their choices, creating a uniquely engaging experience.

To begin, you would design your video with specific interaction points ranging from simple clicks to trigger certain animations to more complex interactions like dragging objects within the video or responding to quizzes. We can strategically place this information to encourage viewers to engage directly with the content, thereby increasing their investment in the message being delivered. For example, in a product demo, viewers could click different features to see exactly how they work, or in an explainer video, they could choose which sections they want to explore further. Interactive content makes the viewing experience more personalized, as users can explore aspects of the product or service that interest them most. Integrating Rive into your video strategy combines the power of animation with interactive technology, setting your content apart and making it a memorable part of your marketing efforts.

What is the cost of SaaS video production?

The cost of SaaS video production varies significantly depending on the type of content, the complexity of the video, and the quantity being produced. As of 2024, for an introductory 1-minute explainer video, prices typically start between $5,000 and $6,000. This initial cost estimate can vary based on the animations' intricacy, the amount of information being covered, and any specific customizations required to align the video with your brand's identity and marketing goals, like exporting in multiple aspect ratios.

Product demos generally start at a lower cost than explainer videos and are often produced in larger volumes. This strategic bulk production allows for the deployment of tailored demos across multiple web pages, enhancing the user experience on different parts of a SaaS platform.

When planning your video content, it's crucial to consider whether you'll include professional narration, which can add to the cost and significantly enhance the video's impact. Additionally, for more complex topics or services that cater to different segments of your audience, consider creating a series of shorter videos instead of one long piece. This approach not only makes the content more digestible but can also be more cost-effective, allowing for focused messaging tailored to specific user needs or customer personas.

Are you looking for a company to help create your SaaS video marketing strategy?

Contact us at Purely Imagined. We specialize in working with top SaaS platforms, creating explainer videos and software product demos tailored to your brand and audience. We also excel in crafting interactive content.

We understand that SaaS platforms are dynamic, with frequent updates and enhancements. That's why we offer ongoing support to update your videos as your platform evolves. We’ll ensure that your marketing content remains up-to-date and resonates with your target audience, reflecting your software's latest features. Whether you're launching a new product, aiming to increase user engagement, or need to keep your existing customers informed about updates, we're here to help you succeed at every step of your marketing journey.


You've learned the ins and outs of leveraging animated videos, product demos, and interactive content for your SaaS marketing strategy, and now you're equipped with the knowledge to transform how potential customers see, understand, and interact with your platform. Remember, you can turn big concepts and software functionalities into compelling, easy-to-follow visuals that capture attention and drive user engagement and retention.

From creating punchy explainer videos that hook viewers from the first second to detailed software demos that showcase the nitty-gritty of your platform and interactive content that pulls viewers into a narrative, each tool serves a unique purpose in your marketing arsenal. Think of these videos as your gateway to demonstrating your platform's direct impact on your customers' success.

Great marketing isn’t just seen or heard, it’s experienced. Turn this inspiration into action and transform your SaaS marketing approach today. What’s the first video you’ll create to start this journey? Let's discuss and make it happen.


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