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How Do I Make An Explainer Video With Purely Imagined?

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Time is a premium commodity, and achieving impactful results is paramount. At Purely Imagined, we specialize in crafting explainer videos that resonate deeply with your brand's ethos and message. Here's an insight into our process, from a kickoff meeting that encapsulates your vision to delivering a final product.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short, animated video designed to convey the core functions and benefits of a product, software, or service in a manner that is easy to understand; these videos break down complex information into bite-sized, compelling narratives. Their primary goal is to facilitate a quicker and more transparent view of the offerings, making them a favorite among businesses aiming for a fun presentation while maintaining a high-quality standard. Explainer videos are versatile; they can be utilized in various platforms, including on websites, in video advertising campaigns, or even in email marketing strategies as a pre-meeting video, enhancing the potential for increasing sales and fostering growth.

Moreover, these videos are a cornerstone in the toolkit of a company looking to innovate in marketing and brand representation. By incorporating explainer videos, you provide an avenue for showcasing leadership in your industry and fostering collaboration with your audience. They act as an excellent tool in trade shows as trade show explainer videos, offering an engaging way to introduce attendees to products or services without overwhelming them with information. Similarly, they can form part of a comprehensive suite of video production services, helping businesses carve a significant edge in a competitive market landscape.

Working with Purely Imagined on your animated video:

Recognizing the premium on your time, we have a process where you can be as hands-off as you wish, with the assurance that your project is steering in the right direction. Our typical timeline is 6-8 weeks, depending on details and client response times. You can expect regular updates during this period, ensuring the final product aligns with your expectations.

Additionally, we stand by to offer updates in the future, making sure that your content remains fresh and relevant. Regarding delivery, we can provide multiple formats to fit your marketing strategies.

The kickoff meeting:

Our kickoff meeting is swift yet thorough. We pinpoint the crucial details your video should cover. Once the meeting concludes, we request you to forward any brand or design elements you have on hand. Incorporating these into the video ensures consistency and elevates the end product's quality and resonance. It's a simple, streamlined initiation, setting a solid foundation.

Writing the script and designing the storyboard:

The inception of any project is the script development. We channel our efforts into crafting a script that encapsulates a cohesive narrative flow, aligning well with your brand attributes and goals. A rudimentary visual outline is sketched to give you a glimpse of the eventual product. We readily incorporate any revisions at this stage to ensure the final narrative resonates with your vision.

Following script finalization, the storyboard process commences. This phase is pivotal as it marks the juncture where significant design decisions are made. Here, we solidify the visual direction and style, meticulously choosing elements that align with your brand. It's a crucial process designed to sculpt a quality product ready to captivate your target audience.

Animation and sound design:

Upon storyboard approval, the project transitions into the animation phase. Leveraging expertise in typography, character, and 3D animation, the team meticulously brings the visuals to life, ensuring a dynamic and engaging outcome. Concurrently, collaboration with professional voice-over artists begins, selecting the perfect voice to complement the visuals. Music and sound effects are integrated at the final stage to complete the journey, rounding off the production with a polished, immersive auditory experience.

How will my explainer video be delivered?

After final approval, the explainer video is delivered through a secure link, facilitating easy downloading. You will receive an MP4 file, both with and without subtitles, ready to be shared online or showcased at trade shows, offering versatility in its usage and ensuring a wider reach for your target audience. This link will also include any other formats and aspect ratios included in the project's initial scope.

Tips for a great explainer video:

To ensure your explainer video not only resonates with your audience but also effectively drives your message home, adhering to the following key guidelines can be instrumental:

  1. Keep it Short: Maintaining a concise duration ensures the audience remains engaged and the core message is conveyed effectively. We recommend staying around one minute. Often, it’s better to break up longer videos into shorter, more targeted ones.

  2. Format for Multiple Platforms: Optimize the video to be compatible across various platforms, amplifying its reach and impact. We can include multiple aspect ratios in the scope of the project.

  3. Use Professional Voice-Over Artists: Collaborate with seasoned voice-over artists to add a touch of professionalism and auditory appeal to the video. A professional voice can adapt to various tones, conveying your message in a manner that resonates with your target

  4. Include Subtitles: We include a version of the video with subtitles; this is great for social media or trade shows where people might not have sound available.

  5. Avoid Being Too Technical: Steer clear of highly technical jargon to ensure the video is user-friendly and resonates well with a broad spectrum of viewers.

Ready to start your explainer video?

Feel free to fill book a meeting with us through our website or connect with our team to inquire further!

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