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Unlock Lost Leads: Transform your Trade Show Booth

Vector art of a group of people gathered around a trade show display

Trade shows are critical for businesses to amplify their brand visibility, showcase their innovations, and generate high-value leads that can significantly bolster sales and return on investment (ROI). However, navigating through a trade show without a solid strategy can feel like wandering through a bustling city without a map – it’s easy to get lost amidst the crowd, miss potential leads, or feel overwhelmed by the energetic atmosphere.

The key to unlocking success at trade shows lies in deploying innovative marketing strategies - with animation topping the list. Animated videos are proven to enhance trade show engagement and leads.

What Happens at a Trade Show?

Las vegas trade show floor filled with booths
A view of a trade show floor in Las Vegas.

Trade shows are pulsating hubs of innovation and industry exchange. They are platforms where businesses can showcase their products and services, strengthen brand visibility, and foster business relationships. Attendees range from potential customers, investors to industry peers, all eager to discover the latest market trends and possible collaborations.

A dynamic trade show display is vital for success. A captivating display captures the attention of attendees, drawing them to your booth, increasing potential leads and business opportunities. Businesses are increasingly leveraging digital marketing strategies such as animation in marketing.

Why do People Attend Trade Shows?

Attendees participate in trade shows with varied motivations. These may include seeking new products and services, networking, staying updated with industry trends, or forging new partnerships. As a business, understanding this can provide invaluable insights into how you can design your trade show exhibit to cater to these needs.

To capitalize on this, businesses should aim to make their booths informative and engaging. A successful marketing strategy here could include the use of 2D animation, product explainer videos, or 3d product rendering. Integrating animated marketing at your booth can be an effective magnet, attracting potential buyers and fostering deeper engagement.

Why Do I Need Video at a Trade Show?

Animated trade show explainer video clip
A clip from a trade show explainer video using captions and engaging visuals.

In a trade show's dynamic and overwhelming environment, visual content reigns supreme. A well-crafted video be it an animated product demo or a software explainer video, can quickly convey your value proposition. With videos, you can ditch the extra banners and papers, making your booth more approachable and less cluttered. These videos can serve as a perfect backdrop for your booth.

Videos also empower you with a versatile marketing tool that extends beyond the expo floor. They can be shared on social media platforms, enhancing your digital marketing strategy. More so, videos can be included in your after-show follow-ups, serving as a memorable refresher for potential leads.

Trade Show Video Best Practices

Trade show video on a display
A trade show video on display using large text headlines for key information.

The effectiveness of your trade show video hinges on a few key considerations. First, due to the noisy environment of a trade show, your video should rely primarily on visuals and on-screen text rather than audio. Clear and engaging visuals are paramount to communicating your message effectively.

Ensure your video is concise and carries a strong call to action. Remember, the purpose of your video is to capture interest quickly and convert that interest into meaningful engagement or leads. It's about leaving an indelible impression that can convert a passerby into a potential client.

How Long Should a Video Be at a Trade Show?

In today's fast-paced digital age, brevity is critical. A trade show video should last no longer than a minute, favoring 30-second pieces. People want their information delivered quickly.

Short, punchy videos have a higher chance of retaining viewer attention and, in turn, increase the potential for interaction. This conciseness ensures your message is delivered effectively without overloading your audience with too much information.

Key Elements to Include

A trade show is an arena that buzzes with competitive energy. Ensuring your brand stands out in this vibrant milieu demands a captivating medium, and this is where an engaging trade show video comes into play. Creating a video that leaves a lasting impression and nudges attendees toward your brand requires careful thought and strategic planning. Here are the key elements to consider while creating a trade show video:

  1. Clear, Concise Messaging: Given the bustling environment of a trade show, your video needs to deliver its message quickly and effectively. Ensure the video communicates your product’s unique selling points, how it solves a problem, or the benefits it offers. A clear and concise message helps the audience understand your offerings better and piques their interest.

  2. Visual Appeal: A visually stunning video has the power to attract attention and leave a lasting impression. High-quality graphics, smooth transitions, and engaging animation can make your video stand out, drawing attendees to your booth and keeping them engaged.

  3. Branding: Your trade show video should reflect your brand identity. This includes using your brand's color scheme, logo, and overall visual aesthetics. Consistent branding throughout your video strengthens brand recall and contributes to a cohesive and professional presentation.

  4. Call to Action: An effective trade show video should prompt viewers to take action. This could be a prompt to visit your website, seek more information from booth staff, or even a QR code to scan for further details. A compelling call-to-action makes it easier for leads to engage with your brand.

  5. Silent Compatibility: With the noisy environment at trade shows, your video should be able to deliver its message even on mute. On-screen text, visual cues, and subtitles ensure your video is just as effective without sound.

Choosing the Right Animation

Incorporating animation in your trade show marketing campaign can be a game-changer. However, choosing the right type of animation that aligns with your brand image, product, and target audience is essential. A few commonly used forms are 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and stop-motion animation. Depending on the complexity of your product, you may choose a simple 2D animation for an app demo or a more detailed 3D rendering for a technical product explainer.

The 4 Types of Trade Show Videos

Understanding the different types of trade show videos can help you better align your content with your business goals.

  • Explainer Videos: These focus on your company's specific product or service, providing a detailed yet concise overview.

  • Product Demos: They highlight a product feature, showing it in action and demonstrating its value proposition.

  • 3D Product Rendering: This is similar to a product demo but leverages 3D animation to provide a dynamic visual representation of your product, its workings, and its benefits.

  • Intro Videos: These offer an overview of what your company does, encapsulating your brand's mission, vision, and offerings.

Using Animation for Pre-show Marketing

Using animation in pre-show marketing can drastically increase your booth's footfall during the event. A well-timed and executed marketing campaign using animated videos can pique interest and encourage attendees to visit your booth.

Consider launching your animated video campaign 6-8 weeks before the trade show. Share these videos on your social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn and Instagram, anywhere your target demographic frequents. This enhances your online presence and builds anticipation and curiosity among potential attendees about your offering.

Leveraging Social Media Post-Trade Show

Once the trade show is over, it's essential to maintain momentum. Social media is a powerful platform for continued engagement with your generated leads. Sharing your trade show videos on platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram keeps your brand at the forefront of potential clients’ minds, increases your digital footprint, and potentially attracts even more leads.

Tracking Your Trade Show Success

After the trade show, it’s critical to assess the success of your marketing strategies, including the impact of your animated videos. You could track the number of booth visits, leads generated, social media engagement, and even post-event conversions. This data will give you a sense of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and provide insights for future trade shows.

Working with a Professional Animation Studio

A crucial aspect of successful video marketing is quality. Partnering with a professional animation studio, like Purely Imagined, ensures your videos are high-quality, engaging, and align with your brand aesthetic. Professional studios understand the nuances of animated marketing and have the skills and tools to produce compelling and captivating explainer videos, product demos, and more. They also provide tailored solutions, meaning your videos will uniquely represent your brand and effectively communicate your product or service to potential leads.


In the bustling environment of trade shows, standing out from the crowd is paramount. Animation and video marketing can drastically enhance your trade show strategy, helping you attract more visitors, generate leads, and build stronger relationships.

Every step is pivotal, from determining the type of video you need, to tracking your success post-show. Partnering with a professional animation studio can increase your marketing efforts' sophistication and effectiveness, ensuring you leave a lasting impression.

Remember to leverage social media before and after the trade show to maximize your reach and engage potential leads. It's all about creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that translates into real-world success at trade shows.

Stay ahead of the curve and incorporate animated videos into your next trade show strategy. You'll soon see the difference in the quality of engagement, the quantity of leads, and the overall impact on your brand visibility.

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