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How 2D Animation Helps Marketing Campaigns

A 2d animation of a person sitting at their computer watching an explainer video

Today's digital landscape is saturated with various marketing methods. To cut through the noise, businesses need to adopt innovative strategies. This article delves into 2D Animation and its significant contribution to marketing campaigns.

What is 2D Animation?

2D Animation is a creative process where products and figures come to life on a two-dimensional platform. It can either be vector-based or hand-drawn, creating sequences of images or frames that simulate motion when rapidly displayed one after another.

Used frequently in various forms of media like television, film, and video games, 2D Animation has found a prominent place in the digital marketing landscape. It offers unlimited opportunities for creativity and allows businesses to weave compelling narratives around their products and services.

The Role of Animation in Marketing

Stan's Sports Center Explainer Video
A clip from Stan's Sports Center's explainer video showing their efficient ordering process.

Animation plays an essential role in digital marketing strategies as it provides an effective means to share complex ideas in a simplified, engaging, and interactive way. When integrated correctly, animation can elevate a marketing campaign to a new level, influencing consumer behavior and driving conversions.

Animated marketing content, especially in 2D, can encapsulate a brand's message in a visually appealing manner. It grabs viewers, builds connections, and eventually converts them into customers. Animation in marketing has proven to be a successful marketing strategy due to its ability to entertain while educating, making it an invaluable tool for businesses.

The Benefits of 2D Animation in Business

2D Animation presents businesses with a range of benefits. The flexibility of 2D Animation allows the creation of unique, custom-made characters and scenarios that align perfectly with a brand's identity. These 2D characters become the face of the brand, fostering brand recognition and loyalty.

2D Animation offers the advantage of simplifying complex concepts. Animated explainer videos, for instance, break down intricate ideas into digestible content, enhancing the audience's understanding of a product or service. This ease of comprehension boosts customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased sales and business growth. Animated content can also be re-used and updated as branding and marketing goals change.

Why 2D Animation is Key to Marketing Success

2D Animation is instrumental in marketing success because it captures and retains viewer attention. In a world where attention spans are shrinking and content is abundant, the vibrant and dynamic nature of 2D Animation stands out.

Animation stirs emotions and narrates stories in a unique way, forging a stronger connection with audiences. This, in turn, increases the chances of message retention, propelling your marketing campaign's success. The visual and interactive nature of 2D Animation also enables businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, promoting brand recognition and recall.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and infographics, when animated, can transform from simple static visuals into dynamic stories. They boost understanding by breaking down data into engaging content

How to Use 2D Animation in Your Marketing

Incorporating 2D Animation into your marketing strategy can be done in several ways. One popular method is through explainer videos. These short, animated videos explain a business's product or service in a simple and compelling manner. Explainer videos are great for websites and landing pages.

Landing page with an explainer video
Terpli's Explainer Video featured at the top of the its website.

Similarly, product demos are another powerful application of 2D Animation. A product demo video can highlight a product's features, usage, and benefits, using 2D Animation to demonstrate how the product works. These methods can be particularly effective during a pre-launch campaign to generate buzz and excitement around a new product.

Additional Use Cases for 2D Animation

2D Animation, with its flexibility, appeal, and storytelling potential, can be effectively used in various scenarios across diverse platforms and events. Here are some potential use cases where 2D Animation can significantly enhance your marketing and communication efforts:

  • Website Content: Animation serves as engaging, dynamic content on your website, from landing page explainer videos to product demos.

  • Social Media Posts: Animated posts or short videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram can help lead to higher engagement rates and broader reach.

  • Advertisements: 2D Animation can be used in both online and offline advertisements to present your products or services, enhancing the impact of your marketing campaigns.

  • Trade Shows and Events: At trade shows, animated presentations or demos can attract attendees to your booth and effectively convey the value of your offerings.

  • Training and Education: For internal staff training and customer education, 2D Animation can present information in a simplified, engaging manner, improving comprehension and retention.

  • Email Marketing: Incorporating animated content, such as gifs, in your emails can increase click-through rates and make your communications more engaging and memorable.

  • Investor Pitches: 2D Animated presentations can effectively summarize your company, its products, or its growth strategy in a dynamic, visually engaging manner, making a lasting impression on potential investors.

  • Onboarding Process: Use 2D Animation to create interactive and engaging onboarding experiences for your customers or employees.

The versatility of 2D Animation allows it to be integrated into nearly every aspect of a business, from marketing and sales to training and internal communication, offering an engaging, memorable, and effective means of conveying information and driving action.

2D Animation Examples

To give a clearer picture, let's consider some examples. Seed Talent, an employee education and enablement platform, used an explainer video to outline their services and the benefits of their new data-driven learning feature. The video, full of vibrant animations, managed to distill the topic into a digestible format for business owners, demonstrating the power of animation in marketing.

Another example is Alpine IQ, a marketing and data analytics company. They used animated demo videos for their website to show potential clients how their services work and the benefits they offer. The videos demonstrate each of their software's features in a quick, clear way. Read more about our work with Alpine IQ here.

Why You Should Work with an Animation Studio

Creating 2D Animation requires skills in design, scripting, and audio engineering. This is why partnering with a professional animation studio is a strategic move. They bring expertise in the production process, create custom designs aligned with your branding, and can make changes to the animation down the line, ensuring that your marketing content stays relevant and effective.

At Purely Imagined, we understand the subtleties of integrating animation into a digital marketing strategy, including A/B testing. They can guide you in leveraging 2D Animation for maximum impact, ensuring a successful marketing strategy.


2D Animation offers a powerful way for businesses to differentiate themselves, connect with their audience, and drive conversions. Companies can elevate their marketing strategies by incorporating animated explainer videos and product demos into their digital marketing campaigns and ensure marketing success.

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