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The Benefits of Using 3D Product Renders at Trade Shows for CPG Brands

Illustration of a group of people watching a 3d video at a trade show

As the world gears up for a vibrant calendar of expos and the arrival of 2024 is swiftly approaching, it's pivotal for brands in the CPG industry to embrace strategies that captivate and resonate deeply with their audience. At the forefront of this evolution is 3D product rendering—a tool that promises engagement and a rich, immersive narrative that brings products to life. This blog delves deep into 3D animation and its potential for CPG brands aiming to make a substantial impact at upcoming trade shows.

What is a 3D Product Render?

A 3D product render is a digitally created representation of a product utilizing sophisticated software. These renders go beyond the flat, 2-dimensional product photography, offering a realistic, three-dimensional product visualization that can be viewed from multiple angles. This high-quality and detailed representation facilitates a lifelike portrayal of the product. It helps captivate potential buyers by highlighting intricate details, textures, and features not visible in traditional photographs.

For CPG brands, a 3D product render is a versatile tool. Leading up to a product launch, a 3D animation can be created to hype a product without needing a prototype or physical product in hand. This includes creating an explainer video to highlight the product’s benefits.

Why should I use 3D animation at my Trade Show booth?

Leveraging 3D animation at trade shows allows CPG brands to wield unparalleled creative control, crafting unique narratives that transport products to settings as diverse and captivating as ocean depths or outer space. This approach not only garners attention but significantly elevates engagement levels, inviting attendees into visually rich narratives woven around your products. We can meticulously craft environments that accentuate the distinctive features of your product, creating a stir of wonder and curiosity that sets your brand apart in a competitive arena.

Moreover, this avenue opens up opportunities for imaginative explorations, enabling the audience to see your products in unprecedented lights and contexts. Envision a product demo where viewers are guided through varying landscapes, showcasing the depth of quality and versatility your products encapsulate. The detailed 3D representations forge a potent connection between your brand and prospective clients or partners, establishing your trade show booth as a hub engagement. It represents a refined approach to marketing, utilizing the storytelling prowess of visuals to establish a deeper, more resonant bond with your audience, thereby amplifying the likelihood of heightened engagement and sales.

5 tips for successful trade show videos:

Drawing upon our rich experience in crafting compelling trade show videos, we've gleaned insights that can turn a good presentation into a great one. To help you make a lasting impression at your next event, here are some tried-and-true tips we've assembled to ensure the success of your trade show videos:

  1. Choose the Right Production Company: Collaborate with a production company that is adept at creating high-quality 3D animations and has a proven track record of delivering engaging trade show videos. Their expertise should align with your brand's vision to create a successful representation of your product.

  2. Branded Colors: Incorporate your brand's signature colors in the video to create a cohesive and recognizable visual identity. Consistent use of branded colors can evoke a certain emotion or perception, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

  3. Concise Duration: Keep the videos concise, ideally not exceeding a minute in length. A short, well-crafted video can effectively capture and retain the attention of the audience, conveying the necessary information without risking viewer disinterest.

  4. Utilization of On-Screen Text: Employ on-screen text to emphasize key points or product benefits during the presentation. This complements the visual content, ensuring that critical information is communicated clearly facilitating better retention and understanding.

  5. Creative Setting and Storytelling: Don't hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to the setting of your video. Positioning your product in unique, imaginative environments, like an undersea world or a galaxy far away, can add a layer of fascination and allure, making your presentation stand out amidst a sea of more traditional displays.

Two awesome examples of 3D product animation:

Discover the immense potential of 3D animation in marketing through these expertly crafted visuals. These animations underscore the benefits of 3D product rendering, effectively highlighting your merchandise in diverse and appealing settings. Utilize this dynamic medium to elevate your marketing strategies, offering a vivid and engaging avenue to showcase your products to prospective clients, thereby enhancing brand recall and engagement.

Choosing the right 3D rendering studio:

When venturing into the vibrant world of 3D product rendering, choosing the right studio is a critical first step. We suggest seeking a studio with technical proficiency and a deep understanding of marketing dynamics. The right studio should capture the essence of your brand, translating it into a visual narrative that resonates with your target audience. Their expertise should extend beyond mere animation, delving into creative storytelling that can bring your product to life in the most enthralling ways.

Collaboration should be at the heart of their operations. A studio like Purely Imagined will be a service provider and a partner in driving your brand's growth. Our mission is to help businesses amplify their sales and services using animation. As you evaluate potential studios, consider their previous works, client testimonials, and their approach toward client collaboration to ensure that their values align with your brand's vision and goals. With Purely Imagined, you will find a synergy that facilitates the creation of luxurious, versatile, and highly engaging 3D product renders that can elevate your brand to new heights.


Choosing the right strategy to highlight your product is crucial in the CPG industry. 3D product rendering is emerging as a vital tool in this sphere, offering brands the luxury of crafting realistic, versatile, and immersive visual narratives. It opens the door to creative storytelling and innovation, allowing you to captivate and engage your audience in unique ways, especially at trade shows.

Selecting a competent studio is paramount in this journey. Purely Imagined stands as a reliable partner, offering expertise in translating your brand's vision into tangible, engaging, and highly detailed 3D renders. As you venture into incorporating 3D animations into your marketing strategy, remember it’s not just about visual allure; it's about creating narratives that resonate and foster a deeper connection with your audience. Let Purely Imagined assist you in this venture, carving a distinct and memorable space for your brand in the market.

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