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Trade Show Video Examples And Best Practices To Make Your Booth More Interesting

2d vector illustration of an explainer video playing at a trade show

At the heart of every trade show is the challenge of standing out. You’re up against the wall with limited space, a tight budget, and the looming costs of drayage that can make showcasing large or complex products a financial strain. This is the puzzle exhibitors at prominent events like MJBizCon face: how to make a lasting impression without the logistical labyrinth of transporting and assembling hefty displays.

Enter the sleek efficiency of trade show videos. This blog unveils how these visual powerhouses can turn your booth into a magnet for leads, sidestepping costly drayage while delivering your product's narrative with punch and precision. We’ll walk you through the essentials of crafting explainer videos that captivate and educate, ensuring your trade show strategy is not only visually impactful but also a smart financial move.

Why is an explainer video an important lead-generation tool at expos?

An explainer video at expos is a strategic tool, particularly when you're faced with the limitations of booth space and the logistical challenges of presenting large products or services. An explainer video becomes invaluable when you have a complex piece of equipment or an expansive SaaS platform. It circumvents the need to physically bring in hefty equipment, thus avoiding the costs associated with drayage. Instead of attendees just walking past a static display, a dynamic video draws them in, showcasing your product’s features in a clear, concise manner. This approach not only saves on the expenses and space but also captivates the audience, effectively generating quality leads by providing a thorough understanding of your offerings without the physical presence of the product.

What is drayage?

Drayage is a term used in expos to describe the process of moving your exhibition materials from a delivery truck to your booth and back when the expo is over. It covers the labor and services needed to transport your gear over a short distance, which surprisingly can cost quite a bit, especially for heavy items. Imagine paying a group of people to move your large machine just a few hundred feet — that's drayage for you.

But why is it so expensive? Well, this short trip involves a lot of hands. There are union rules at many expo centers, specific time windows for moving in and out, and lots of paperwork. Plus, it's priced by weight. So, if your product is a big piece of machinery, you're looking at a hefty bill just to move it from the back door to your booth.

This is where trade show videos come to the rescue. Instead of paying a small fortune to haul a massive product around, a high-quality video can showcase your product in full glory. It's like teleporting your machinery right into your booth without the muscle and money.

What are the best practices for a trade show video?

Best practices for a trade show video hinge on crafting an experience that is both engaging and accessible in a noisy, bustling environment. It's important to remember that trade shows are often loud, making videos with music or narration less effective. Instead, focus on creating a silent film of sorts — one that can communicate its message without sound. This means your video should be visually compelling, with clear, eye-catching graphics and text that can tell your product’s story all on its own.

If you do choose to include narration to explain more complex aspects or to add depth to the video, make sure to add closed captions. This ensures that even without sound, your message isn't lost. The captions allow attendees to follow along regardless of the ambient noise.

How long should a trade show video be?

Keep the video short and sweet, typically ranging from 30 seconds to a minute — just enough time to intrigue and inform without demanding a long commitment from viewers who have many exhibits to explore. Think of your video as a visual elevator pitch: quick, informative, and memorable.

How can I present complex product details quickly to booth visitors?

Using 3D product renders in an explainer video can simplify the complexity of your product for trade show attendees. These virtual models give a clear, detailed view of your product that's both informative and visually appealing. For example, with 3D animations, you can visually dissect your product, offering a tour from the outer shell to the core, which is especially effective for machinery with intricate internal systems. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how the product functions without the need to bring in the machine physically.

The added benefit here ties back to drayage. Since these high-definition renders can be shown on screens, they eliminate the need for the actual product to be at the trade show. This cuts down on the costs and logistics involved in transporting heavy machinery to and from the event. Visitors get the full experience of your product without the associated transport hassle and expense, making your explainer video a cost-effective solution to a common trade show challenge.

How can I leverage my trade show video in digital marketing after the expo?

After the expo wraps up, your trade show video still has plenty of work to do in your digital marketing. First off, think about social media. It's a place where people love to watch and share videos. Post your explainer video on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, and tag it with the right hashtags. This way, not only does your video get more views, but it can also reach folks who couldn’t make it to the expo.

Then, there's email marketing. Including your video in emails to your list can give people a quick, easy way to understand what your product's about without reading a bunch of text. Lastly, pop that video on your website. It can live on the homepage, a product page, or even a dedicated landing page. This helps any visitors to your site get the same great explanation that you gave to people at the trade show, making your website work harder to turn visitors into customers.

2 great trade show video examples

When it comes to trade show videos, seeing is believing—and getting inspired. Watching the videos we've created for our partners can spark ideas for your own. Each video is tailored to showcase the unique aspects of the products and the spirit of the brands we work with. Let's look at some examples that made a splash at recent expos:

For Alpine IQ, a company known for its cutting-edge approach, we crafted a video that matched their modern aesthetic. Taken to the Hall of Flowers, the video used vibrant animations to demonstrate their tech-savvy solutions for retailers. It became a focal point of their booth, engaging potential clients with its dynamic depiction of Alpine IQ’s platform and its benefits for the user.

Zenco’s mobile payment system is all about convenience and security, and the video we created encapsulated just that. Utilized at several expos and before presentations, the video breaks down Zenco’s software into a clear, easy-to-understand visual story. Its effectiveness wasn’t just in displaying the system's features but also in showcasing the ease and safety of integrating Zenco’s system into everyday transactions.

How do I make a trade show video?

Crafting a trade show video that grabs attention and effectively communicates your product's value is something we're passionate about at Purely Imagined. We're a leading name when it comes to creating explainer videos that resonate with audiences. For software products, our software explainer videos and demos are tailored to showcase your platform's functionality and user experience, breaking down complex technical details into engaging, digestible content.

For consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and manufacturers, we bring your products to life with stunning 3D product renders. These visuals give a tangible sense of your product's look and feel, which is especially important when you can't have the physical product at every trade show. And we're with you for the long haul. As your products and services evolve, we're here to update your videos, ensuring they always reflect the most current version of your offerings.

If you're looking to make an impact at your next trade show with a video that speaks clearly to your audience, reach out to us at Purely Imagined. Let's get started on a video that not only stands out at the trade show but also serves as a valuable asset in all your marketing efforts.


As the curtains close on another expo and the trade show floors empty, the impact of your explainer video continues to resonate. You've navigated the challenges of space, captivated your audience without a word spoken, and sidestepped the high costs of drayage with a tool that's as effective as it is efficient. These videos are not just a temporary fixture in your booth; they're a lasting piece of your marketing arsenal. Take the insights, strategies, and best practices from this blog and apply them to your next event. With the right video, your product won't just be shown; it will be remembered, driving leads and sales long after the trade show lights dim. Remember, in the vast sea of expo offerings, a well-crafted explainer video doesn't just tell your story; it ensures it's heard.

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