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The Benefits of Using An Explainer Video on Your Website

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Imagine a busy project manager visiting your website, overwhelmed with tasks and deadlines. She needs a solution to streamline her workflow but doesn't have time to sift through lengthy descriptions and technical details. As she scrolls down your homepage, an eye-catching, animated explainer video grabs her attention. In just one minute, the video demonstrates how your software can integrate seamlessly with her current tools, improve team productivity, and simplify her project management process. This quick, engaging overview not only piques her interest but also convinces her to explore further, ultimately leading to a demo request or purchase.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a concise, typically one-minute-long, animated presentation designed to provide a clear and engaging overview of a company, product, or service. These videos often convey their message through narration, visual storytelling, and infographics. The goal of an explainer video is to capture the viewer's attention quickly and deliver essential information in an easily digestible format. A software company might use an explainer video to demonstrate how their new tool integrates with existing systems, enhances productivity, and offers user-friendly features, making the information accessible and appealing to potential customers.

Primarily used for sales and marketing purposes, explainer videos are crucial to a company's marketing strategy. They help introduce a product or service to a broader audience, highlight its unique selling points, and demonstrate its value proposition. You can feature videos on landing pages, share them on social media, include them in email campaigns, or use them in presentations to potential investors. By distilling information into an engaging visual narrative, explainer videos make it easier for companies to communicate their message effectively, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. They’re great at grabbing viewers' attention, explaining key benefits succinctly, and motivating them to take the desired action, whether purchasing, signing up for a service, or contacting the sales team for more information.

Why do I need a website explainer video?

A website explainer video serves as your perfectly crafted sales pitch, tirelessly engaging visitors from the moment they land on your page. Capturing and maintaining a visitor's attention is crucial; an explainer video can effectively achieve this. The video immediately communicates your value proposition by presenting a concise, visually appealing overview of your product, service, or company. A video keeps visitors on your site longer and enhances their understanding, leading to higher engagement rates and improved conversion metrics.

Explainer videos cater to various learning styles, combining auditory and visual elements to ensure your message is understood and retained. Use videos to highlight key benefits and help potential customers grasp what you offer and why it matters to them. End the video by guiding viewers to take desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or requesting a demo. 

How will explainer videos affect my SEO?

Adding an explainer video to your website can significantly enhance your SEO performance by increasing dwell time and helping your site appear in more relevant searches. Dwell time, which refers to the length of time a visitor spends on your page before returning to search results, is a key metric that search engines use to assess the quality and relevance of your content. Videos help increase dwell time on websites. Explainer videos also improve search engine rankings by making content more engaging and shareable. Pages with video content are more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results than those without video.

Best Practices for Using Videos on Your Website

Here are key tips to ensure your videos effectively engage your audience and enhance your website's performance:

Start the Video on Mute

Auto-playing videos with sound can be disruptive. Starting them on mute ensures a smoother user experience and gives viewers control over their experience.

Use Subtitles and Captions

Adding subtitles and captions makes your videos accessible to a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments and those in sound-sensitive environments.

Optimize for Fast Loading

Ensuring your videos load quickly prevents user frustration and reduces bounce rates. Compress your video files and use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up delivery.

Place Videos Strategically

Position your videos in high-visibility areas, such as the header or just below the fold on your homepage, to capture attention immediately.

Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

Guide viewers towards a specific action, whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, downloading a resource, or contacting your sales team.

Enable Video Analytics

Use analytics tools to track how viewers interact with your videos. This data helps you understand engagement levels and refine your video content strategy.

How do I embed an explainer video on my website?

Embedding an explainer video on your website can be done quickly through a couple of straightforward methods. One of the most user-friendly approaches is to upload your video to a platform like YouTube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, these platforms provide an embed code to copy and paste directly into your website's HTML. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo: First, create an account on YouTube or Vimeo if you don't already have one. Then, follow their instructions to upload your explainer video to the platform.

  2. Get the Embed Code: Go to the video page after your video is uploaded. On YouTube, click the "Share" button below the video and then select "Embed." On Vimeo, click the "Share" button on Vimeo and copy the embed code provided.

  3. Embed the Code in Your Website: Go to your website's HTML editor and paste the embed code where you want the video to appear. This code usually starts with <iframe> and ensures your video will display correctly on your site.

Alternatively, you can embed the video file to your web hosting server rather than a third-party platform. This method can offer more control over the video’s appearance and functionality. Here’s how:

  1. Upload the Video File: Use your website’s content management system (CMS) to upload the video file to your server. You can usually do this through your CMS's media or file upload section.

  2. Embed the Video: Once the video is uploaded, you can embed it using HTML5 video tags.

HTML code snippet for embedding a video file using the video tag, with specified width, height, and controls enabled
HTML Code Snippet

Where is the best place to embed an explainer video on my website?

The best place to embed an explainer video on your website depends on where it will have the most impact and visibility for your audience. Most of our clients find the best results by embedding the video beside the page title or just below the fold on the homepage. Placing the video at the top of the page ensures that it is one of the first things visitors see, grabbing their attention immediately and inviting them to learn more about your product or service. This prominent placement can significantly increase engagement and encourage visitors to explore further into your site.

Embedding the video just below the fold on the homepage is also highly effective. This placement allows visitors to first see some introductory content or visuals before encountering the video, which can pique their curiosity and drive them to watch it.

Additionally, embedding explainer videos on targeted landing pages is a strategic move if the video is related to a specific product or service. This approach allows you to tailor the video's message to the specific interests and needs of the visitor, increasing the likelihood of conversions. For example, a landing page for a new software tool could feature a video that demonstrates its key features and benefits, providing a clear and compelling case for why visitors should consider it.

Are you looking for website explainer video services?

Contact us at Purely Imagined. We specialize in creating explainer videos that integrate seamlessly into your web pages, enhancing your online presence and engaging your audience. Our team works closely with you to ensure each video aligns perfectly with your branding, making it a natural extension of your company’s identity. Whether you need a concise overview of your services, a detailed product demonstration, or an engaging company introduction, our custom explainer videos will effectively communicate your message and captivate your visitors.

In addition to explainer videos, we also offer 3D animations and software product demos. These advanced visual tools showcase the unique features of your products. As your company evolves, we are available to update and modify your videos, ensuring they remain current and accurately reflect your brand. With Purely Imagined, you can trust that your video content will always be fresh, relevant, and professionally crafted to meet your marketing goals. Contact us today to start creating videos that drive results and elevate your brand.


Embedding an explainer video on your website is a strategic move that can significantly boost engagement, convey your message effectively, and drive conversions. Place videos in prominent positions, such as above the fold or just below the fold on your homepage. You’ll ensure that visitors immediately understand the value of your product or service, and boost your website’s SEO.


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