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Everything You Need To Know About Animated Explainer Videos (Examples, Costs, Benefits)

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You're in a high-stakes sales meeting, about to deliver the pitch that could make or break your quarter. As you start your slideshow, you notice the room's energy wane—a familiar scene of drifting attention that you've witnessed all too often. But what if, this time, you could snap everyone back to laser focus with a tool designed not just to inform but captivate?

Explainer videos turn the dreaded monotony of standard presentations into dynamic, memorable experiences. These videos are your ace, providing a concise and engaging summary of your product or service that resonates far beyond the meeting room.

Losing your audience's attention is the cardinal sin of sales pitches. Animated explainer videos tackle this challenge head-on by distilling complex information into digestible, compelling stories. They hold attention, transforming potential customer curiosity into genuine interest and action.

What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos are dynamic and engaging short videos that blend elements of 2D and 3D animation to visually represent the story of a product, service, or company. These videos typically range from about 30 seconds to two minutes in length, aiming to capture the viewer's attention quickly and maintain it through a combination of compelling visuals and narrative.

In terms of content, an explainer video often starts with a brief introduction of the problem or need, followed by a demonstration of how the featured product or service provides a solution. This narrative structure is supported by a fluid transition of scenes, which might include a mix of 2D flat graphics for simplicity and clarity, and 3D models for a more realistic and detailed portrayal of physical products or complex processes. The use of 3D elements in particular can add depth and realism, helping potential customers visualize the product more concretely.

Throughout the video, motion graphics are employed not just for aesthetic appeal but to guide the viewer’s focus to key points of the message. This multimedia approach is often enhanced with text overlays and a voiceover that matches the tone and pace of the visuals.

What are some benefits of animated explainer videos?

Animated explainer videos serve as versatile and efficient communication tools. They effectively convey key messages about a product, service, or company within a compact timeframe. These videos provide a rich, immersive experience that can enhance brand recognition and simplify the buyer’s journey across various platforms.

Quick Information

Explainer videos condense important information into snippets that anybody can easily understand in about a minute. This is especially beneficial when time is precious and attention spans are shorter.

Enhanced Engagement

Unlike static images or lengthy text, animated videos create a dynamic environment that captures and retains the viewer’s attention. The strategic use of visuals, sound, and movement makes the viewing experience more engaging and enjoyable. Video is particularly effective in settings like trade shows or busy online platforms where quickly capturing a viewer's interest is crucial.

Versatility in Use

The adaptability of animated explainer videos makes them a valuable asset across many channels. They can be prominently featured on company websites, displayed at expos, and utilized during investor pitches.

Increased Conversion Potential

By providing a compelling and memorable view of what’s being offered, explainer videos significantly enhance conversion rates. Viewers are more likely to feel confident about purchasing or investing after watching a well-crafted video that informs and entertains, fostering a positive connection with the brand.

Improved SEO Value

Videos are a strong factor in search engine optimization. Websites featuring videos can enjoy higher dwell times, reduced bounce rates, and improved rankings. Additionally, videos are more likely to be shared than text-based content, further increasing the message's reach and potential impact.

What industries benefit from explainer videos?

Explainer videos are a strategic asset for many industries, offering a clear and engaging way to communicate complex information and showcase products or services. These videos help bridge the gap between technical jargon and consumer understanding, enhance marketing strategies, and foster deeper connections with audiences. Let's explore how specific industries leverage explainer videos to their advantage.


In the software industry, explainer videos demystify features and functionalities for the average user. They are particularly useful during product launches or updates, where new features need to be introduced and explained quickly.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPG companies use explainer videos to create a connection between the consumer and the product by showcasing the benefits and uses in a visual format that is easy to digest. For example, a video could illustrate the health benefits of a new organic snack, its ethical sourcing, and its manufacturing process, helping to build trust and consumer loyalty.


Agriculture companies can use explainer videos to introduce innovative farming techniques or new agricultural products like equipment. Videos demonstrate the effectiveness of these products in enhancing yield or improving sustainability, providing clear, visual evidence of benefits that might otherwise be difficult to convey.


Due to the inherently complex nature of blockchain technologies, the cryptocurrency sector greatly benefits from explainer videos. Videos simplify how blockchain works, the benefits of using a particular cryptocurrency, and how to engage in trading or investing, reducing the entry barrier for new users.


Explainer videos inform patients about medical procedures, new treatments, or health insurance policies. They break down complex medical information into understandable segments, helping patients make informed decisions about their health care options.

Human Resources (HR)

HR departments utilize explainer videos to train and onboard new employees. They outline company policies and job responsibilities or use interactive scenarios to teach employees about workplace safety, ethics, or compliance standards.

Where do explainer videos fit in a sales funnel?

Explainer videos are versatile tools that integrate at various sales funnel stages to guide potential customers from awareness to decision-making. Here’s how they fit into each section of the funnel:

Top of the Funnel: Awareness

At the top of the sales funnel, the primary goal is to attract new leads and make them aware of your brand or product. Explainer videos at this stage are designed to generate interest and curiosity. They are often broad in scope, introducing the company or providing a high-level overview of a product. For example, a video might highlight a common problem or need and briefly introduce how the company’s product or service provides a solution, aiming to capture the audience’s interest and encourage them to learn more.

Middle of the Funnel: Consideration

Once potential customers are aware of the brand, explainer videos in the middle of the funnel help to nurture their interest and build deeper understanding. These videos are more detailed, focusing on specific features, benefits, and differentiators of the product or service. They aim to educate the audience on why this particular solution is better than others on the market, often using comparisons or detailed demonstrations of features to help leads evaluate the product’s value.

Bottom of the Funnel: Decision

At the decision-making stage, explainer videos can be crucial in converting prospects into customers. These videos are highly targeted and may address potential objections or provide proof of effectiveness through case studies and testimonials. For example, a video might show detailed user testimonials, success stories, or even a step-by-step guide on how the product or service can be implemented. The goal is to reassure the potential buyer, providing all the necessary information to help them make an informed purchase decision.

Post-Purchase: Retention

Explainer videos also play a role in the post-purchase phase, aiming to turn new customers into repeat buyers and advocates. These videos might focus on maximizing the use of the product, troubleshooting common issues, or highlighting ongoing support and upgrades. By educating customers on getting the best out of their purchases and showing continued value, these videos help build loyalty and encourage referrals.

Where should I use explainer videos?

Explainer videos are highly effective in multiple channels, each offering unique opportunities to engage different segments of your audience. Here’s how to utilize these videos across various platforms:

Websites and Landing Pages

Explainer videos are a primary means of engaging visitors quickly and effectively on websites and landing pages. Placed prominently, such as on the homepage or a product-specific landing page, they can help reduce bounce rates and increase time spent on the site. Explainer videos provide a quick overview of what your company offers or detail specific products and services, helping to convert interest into deeper engagement quickly.

Trade Shows

At trade shows, explainer videos capture the attention of attendees in a busy and competitive environment. They can be looped on display screens to draw visitors to your booth or used as a conversational starter by your sales team. Trade show videos should be designed to stand out in high-noise environments, focusing more on striking visuals and less on audio, ensuring the message is clear even if the sound is not optimal.

Social Media

Social media platforms are ideal for sharing explainer videos to reach a broader audience. Videos on these platforms should be optimized for each channel's specific requirements, such as length and aspect ratio. For example, shorter versions can be created for Instagram stories, while longer, more detailed videos can be posted on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Email Marketing

Incorporating explainer videos in email marketing campaigns can significantly increase open and click-through rates. An engaging video thumbnail can encourage recipients to watch the full video, providing a more compelling call to action than text alone. Explain new features, offer updates, or simply re-engage customers with the brand.

In-Person Sales Meetings and Pitches

Using explainer videos during in-person meetings or pitches can help convey your message and ensure that all key points are covered efficiently. A well-crafted video can be a persuasive tool that supports your presentation, making complex information more digestible and memorable for potential clients or investors.

Customer Support and FAQs

Explainer videos are also valuable for customer support, offering visual step-by-step guides to solve common problems or answer frequently asked questions. By providing these resources, companies can improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload on support teams.

How long should an animated explainer video be?

The ideal length for an animated explainer video hinges on achieving a balance between providing enough information to convey the message and maintaining the viewer’s engagement throughout the video. Based on common practice and feedback, aiming for around one minute tends to hit this sweet spot. This duration is concise enough to hold the viewer's attention while providing sufficient time to introduce the subject, explain its value, and encourage the viewer to take action.

Each content segment must be precisely timed in this minute to ensure clarity and impact. The first few seconds are crucial for capturing interest, often by posing a relatable problem or question that the video will address. The following 20-30 seconds might focus on introducing and explaining the product or solution, utilizing both visuals and narration to highlight key features and benefits. The remaining time should then be dedicated to reinforcing the product’s value, a call to action, and possibly a quick wrap-up or a reinforcement of the brand.

Slightly longer videos can be effective for more complex products or services, provided they are well-structured and maintain a dynamic pace. However, keeping videos under two minutes is generally recommended, as longer durations risk losing viewer interest. If more time is required to cover additional details, consider breaking the information into a series of shorter videos, each focusing on different aspects or features. This approach can keep the content manageable for viewers and allows them to explore topics in which they have a particular interest at their own pace.

How much does it cost to make an animated explainer video?

The cost of producing an animated explainer video varies significantly based on a range of factors, with a typical one-minute video starting at around $6,000. This baseline cost can increase depending on several key elements that impact the production process.

The complexity of the animation is a major factor. Basic 2D animations with limited character movement and simpler scenes will generally be less expensive. In contrast, intricate 3D animations, which require more detailed modeling, texturing, and rendering, will considerably increase production costs. The number of revisions requested during the process also plays a role, as each iteration adds to the time and labor involved.

The need for custom elements like unique character designs, tailored background settings, or specialized props can further drive up costs. Customization requires additional creative development and animation time, which can be labor-intensive and require highly skilled artists.

Another critical factor is the production timeline. A tight deadline may necessitate a larger team or extended work hours, leading to higher costs due to overtime or expedited service fees. Planning and allowing for a reasonable timeline can help manage costs more effectively.

Additionally, the requirement for different aspect ratios for various platforms (such as square for Instagram, horizontal for YouTube, or vertical for TikTok) can affect the final price. Each format might need adjustments in the animation to ensure optimal viewing experiences, adding more time and complexity to the project.

In need of animated explainer video services?

If you're considering enhancing your marketing or educational materials with an animated explainer video, you've come to the right place! At Purely Imagined, we specialize in creating compelling explainer videos and 3D renderings that capture the essence of your product or service in a visually engaging way. Our expertise in animation allows us to craft narratives that inform and entertain, ensuring your message resonates with your audience.

Our studio offers a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a concise, impactful video to explain your latest software or a detailed 3D rendering of a new product, we have the skills and technology to bring your vision to life. Plus, we understand that your business evolves, so we offer the flexibility to make updates to your videos as needed in the future. This ensures that your content remains fresh and relevant, providing long-term value.

For shorter projects, such as animated software demos, we provide the same level of creativity and attention to detail, ensuring every second of your video is optimized for impact. Reach out to us at Purely Imagined, and let us help you make a lasting impression with high-quality, custom animations that stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape.


Integrating animated explainer videos into your sales strategy isn't just about keeping up with trends— they engage, educate, and inspire action, making them indispensable in a landscape where capturing and maintaining attention is paramount.

By embedding explainer videos at strategic points in your sales process, you transform the typical pitch into a narrative that speaks directly to the needs and emotions of your audience. Whether addressing a room of potential investors, engaging visitors at a trade show, or reaching out through digital channels, these videos deliver your message with clarity and impact.


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